vigneti nel marsalese la cattedrale di Marsala un mulino delle saline vigneti nel marsalese Porta Garibaldi la laguna dello Stagnone
crossroads of peoples,
continent of vineyards
The very west side of Sicily in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Marsala is located exactly where historic lines meet: on the Fenician routes, at the landing place of the Greeks, between the roman villas where the Arabs walked, within the walls which hosted the Borboni and the English and welcomed Garibaldi who came here to “build” Italy.
Marsala has a varied and complex environment, with a wide and populated city territory with an beautiful historical centre encircled by the sea and the infinite.

Let yourself be warmed by the sun that burst out our bottles, you will hear the wind that wraps up the best perfume of this wonderful ancient earth.
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